17th February 2016.

I played a game, then after that i closed ROBLOX and found i downloaded a file called DEATH.avi. I decided to launch it thought it was a update not reading the title. But after launching nothing happened, just i continued listening to LMFAO's Party Anthem. After approximately 10 minutes my computer restarted by itself, and it booted up as LMFAODOWS Death Edition. I was shocked, i fell fainted. My parents woke me up from faint and told me my computer is messed up. I relaunched the PC and it was back to normal. When i open up my desktop there was a notepad file called DEATH.txt. I opened it and it reads like this: WHY AR3 Y0U R3ADING TH!S?. I closed it and suddenly ROBLOX.exe launched and it took me to a weird game called Untitled. And it jumpscared me twice i fainted again.

18th February 2016.

That time i woke up the next day. The game was closed down with the PC still running, my dad gone to work but my mom is still home. She said she heard glass breaks and screams but thought it was a joke. Then i looked at my window and it was broken down. When dad came home we replaced it with a spare one. Someone broke in. So we called 911, they didn't answer. The second try worked. We told that someone broke in our house. The cops came actually. They saw footprints, not mine, mom's or dads or anyone in my family. They linked it back to Henocide, ROBLOX guy whose real name is Joseph Stelking. After they left a weird black SUV pulled up and my dad got the bulltetproof vest and a assault rifle for self defense, we hid in a closet. A guy came out like Joseph and we called the cops quietly. Then the SWAT team came and detained Joseph and drove him away with a police cruiser, and there was the other guy in the SUV, blue hoodie, a black ski mask. He had a gun without a license, unlike my dad who has a license. The blue hoodie guy was arrested in a cruiser and SWAT Truck drove away following the cruiser.

19th February 2016.

My ROBLOX disappeared and couldn't be reinstalled. Then i waited a hour and reinstalled. It worked and everything was recovered, the suspects were banned. I started listening to LMFAO Party Rock Anthem again.