April 14 2006

Today was a fun day. I played a new game called roblox. It was really cool and fun. I met someone named _____. He told me Easter was coming up and to play his game on Easter day. I was super hyped and agreed. I can't wait for the 16th!

April 15 2006

Today was a little different. A new game came out where you can explode different things. ______ was there with me. He told me he just finished preparing his game for tomorrow. He told me he can't wait to see my reaction. My guess was that he would have tons of people and we'd party all night. I guess I have to wait and see.

April 16 2006

Today was the day. I entered the game they told me to come to. When I entered it took a while to load unlike other games. I thought nothing of it. When I entered I was confused. It was like I could feel my character and eventually I was sucked into the game but as my character. I walked around only to see a blank floor and grey sky. I wanted to leave but I couldn't since I was no longer in control of someone else, I began becoming my character. I tried finding other people but nobody was here. All of a sudden dark red blood began dripping out of the grey sky. The blood was cold. A drop dripped on me and all of a sudden I saw a horrifying flash back of a person being mutilated and tortured to death. I heard voices asking for help. I screamed help but nobody answered. Words appeared in front of me saying "there's no escape". Every where I tried to run the words appeared as if they wanted me there forever. Eventually many ghostly figures appeared around me choking me and wrapping my legs in barb wire. The barb wire cut my legs bad. They let me go but right when they did I saw visions of other people like me being murdered, mutilated, tortured. The visions kept repeating and repeating. I screamed " MAKE IT STOP". Eventually they did stop but when I opened my eyes I saw a door. Two figures could be seen but not identified. Behind me was another door. I walked to it and saw an escape. I walked to it but right then I spotted what looked like a knife. My mind filled with 100 thoughts. Something is controlling me. Please don't!!!!