The First Evil Robloxian

I was playing Vampire Hunters 2 on ROBLOX with my friend. Someone named red482 joined, I thought the name was just a cool type for him. He went to the corner of the lobby and went afk, The round was taking forever and he finally got out of afk mode. The lobby had something wrong with it though, I saw a mirror and it had everyone dead except me and that person. I was about to touch it when my friend stopped me and said in the chat "Uhh What are you trying to touch? The wall?" I replied "Theres a mirror right here. Dont you see it?" He replied "What mirror?" "Nothing." i replied back. I was standing infront of it but something pushed me into it and the glass broke and i was on the other side. The game had started already 5 seconds after being on the "Other Side.", The map was distorted and didnt have the normal music. "He" was running towards me and i shook my mouse to click the "X" button.

The Second Evil Robloxian

10 days later after the first incident. I was playing on Travel in Time with just myself this time. Someone joined who had a normal-looking name "cooldude8932", After that i ran into him but with something that wasnt even in the game. He then made my robloxian fall into the void but i landed on an island of some sort, He was there already considering the fall to the island was very long. He then started attacking me but my robloxian had cuts. Not just those dumb looking roblox cuts, Realistic ones. My chair moved fast and i ended up almost falling out the window but i held on before i fell to my death. I pulled myself back up but i had cuts from the broken glass. He was gone, The island was gone and i was at the start menu of the game. I had been scarred for life after that experience. The End