My name is Dominic, and I'm a 15 year old ROBLOX game maker. I've had many successful games, including Admin Simulator. Strange things have been happening to my games for a long time. Scripts and models would pop up every time I opened my games in Studio. Their names were "H4x0r C0d3" and "H4x0r M0d31." I reviewed the code of the strange script, and these were the codes:

g00lm4l([][]_jryi6) == t34

And for some reason, each time I tested my game, a player would join named g00lm4l. It would say things like "Hello!" and "Nice game!" I spent a long time trying to find what was causing this to join the game, even in Studio. Then, I found out that this was a real player... but how is he getting into my studio? A day later, I tried opening ROBLOX Studio, but it immediately crashed. Instead of the "ROBLOX Studio needs to crash" it said that G00LM4L needed to crash. "G00LM4L" is the name of the mysterious player joining my game. I finally got Studio to work, but everything's name (the models, scripts, etc) was changed to "G00LM4L." I tried closing Studio, but it never closed. My wallpaper changed to a blank background with the text "G00LM4L deserves some attention too, ya know?"

My old laptop never worked since. Other players who had more than 10 million in game visits experienced this too.