I spawn in a room. In front of me is a map, each hallway has about 5 lights. Each light turns on whenever something strange happens it it. The objective is to escape before the lights reach your room.

It is a really hard game, and it lasts about 1 hour until you reach the end of the game. If you lose, you lose forever, in other words, banned from the game as if you really died.

Everyone who lost became inactive in ROBLOX. Im a paranormal investigator, and thats why im here.

The first light turns on. At the same time, another player spawns, as if he/she is the monster. I rush to find my way to the exit. The keys were impossible to find, and almost none of them open the door.

As the third light turns on, I panic. I then start recording via bandicam just in case something happens. As the monster gets closer, I hear a heart beat. The other player said in chat, "let me win". So the other player was a noob. I laughed a bit, then continued to find the key. Fourth light. I hear a door creak. This was it, I was dead. There is no key, I concluded.

As it ate me alive, I get kicked out of the game. He also got kicked out, and he was never seen again.

I was really, really tired, like I was playing for hours and only now I know im tired.

I woke up in a room, with detectors on the ceiling, with a person looking for something in panic in the distance.