ROBLOX used to pull random players out to test the ROBLOX for XBOX project. I was one of them. ROBLOX gave us some instructions, and we downloaded the game from the store. The first one I tested was ROBLOX Dodgeball. Everything was fine, until we were mysteriously kicked. The message said, "596f7520646f206e6f7420776f726b20666f7220524f424c4f5821" I decided to decode it, knowing it was hex. It said "You do not work for ROBLOX!" We complained that every game we tried gave us a different message when kicking us. Then, we got a PM from "XBOXOneTest" all at the same time. The PM read, "Get on here. [LINK REMOVED]" We played it, then we started seeing little red bricks flying everywhere on screen. Our consoles turned off and rebooted, but then our ROBLOX accounts were terminated.

Why? "you n#@$ever LISTEned to MEEE"