So one day I was on Roblox and I saw a game called "Live in a small happy town!" I decided to play it because I was bored of all the other games. When I joined the game all I saw was a bus and there were kids on the bus. I decided to get on because I thought the whole point of the game was that when you ride the bus, it takes you to the small town. It made sense to me atleast. The bus ride was very long and it never stopped. I kept waiting and about 5 minutes in the game, the children's faces were bleeding. I started hearing voice saying "Why don't you come to help me. "She made me do it." I was mostly hearing "She made me do it." I was really scared and tried to get off. At some point I teleported to a long staircase and there were dead bodies along the steps. I thought to myself "Just keep going. It will be over soon. You will make it to the happy town and you won't have to be scared anymore." I tried to keep telling myself this but I was mostly scared and that didn't work. When I was done I saw a kid tied up on a chair and a guy with a knife. I tried telling him "Please don't hurt me or her. You know this isn't right. If you just could spare us, I would love that. Please. Don't." He didn't listen. I watched him chop the girl's head off. I could only try running down the stairs. I found a gun on one of the steps. I had no choice but to shoot the guy. I was ashamed that I killed someone. I was trying to get out. I left the game and when I left I got a message saying "Look what you've down. Now you will pay the consequences." I shut down my computer and when I turned it back on, Blood was on my character. When I tried shutting the tab there was a note that said "Roblox doesn't want you to do that." I quit Roblox and just started becoming a student again. I tried out something new called "Fortnite" It wasn't that fun. I don't know his name or if I will ever see him again but if this happens, Shut down your computer and don't turn it on for a whole day.