If you haven't heard of the ROBLOX studio feature of unions, it's simply something that really made building on ROBLOX a lot better. The only problems were that it could only hold 2,500 blocks, meaning I couldn't make too much. The other problem was that you would need to know studio well to master this.

Let's cut to the chase. It was a useful feature, despite the problems it had. When I saw nice builds from it, I was jealous, so I decided to learn about it and how to use it.

I was kinda sloppy with the unions, as I didn't understand the tutorials. I finally made my first union after 5 minutes of attempts. My first union was, well... let's say it was a decent attempt. It looked like a giant cracked egg without any yolk or anything else.

I decided to spend my time learning how to use unions and master it. I might have forgotten how long I was learning for, but let's say it was between 3 weeks to 2 months. I slowly found out how to use them correctly, and made my first decent creation.

What happened next is that I decided to create more stuff with the union features. I was kinda taking too long because I tried to get it in the correct position. I decided to see if I could use this to work with bending arms or make robloxian's body parts smaller. I decided to try it by putting one of my old models of my robloxian on the baseplate.

To be worked on.